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About Long Island Portrait Photography

Who Is Behind Long Island Portrait Photography?


Hiring a portrait photographer on Long Island, NY is a good idea as you will get satisfying results especially if you hire an experienced one. A portrait photographer should know their equipment and how to operate it. For portraiture, you need to hire a pro who knows how to light and pose you to accentuate your best features and hide less desirable features. This will ensure that you look your best in your portraits.

The photographer should also know how light and shadow affect the image and how to balance light to get the effect they want. A professional Long Island portrait photographer like myself must also know the difference between a snapshot and a portrait and how to enhance a photograph so as to turn a photograph into a portrait. I see many people make big mistakes when choosing photographers and that is why there are some things you need to consider before settling on a portrait photographer. Below are some tips you should consider when looking for a professional portrait photographer taking pictures on Long Island.

The best thing concerning our packages are whatever you are looking for we can build into a custom package. We have the best cameras, equipment, years of experience with not only photography but also image editing. We are a team of lighting, editing and photography experts. The type of portrait photography package and photos you are interested in is totally your choice. Show us a few photos that you find online that you would like to capture and we will produce. Every one of our portrait photographers are top quality, have been shooting for at least 3 years and understand the concept of delivering quality. Packages again can be individualized to your custom requirements. Another aspect that we give to all of our clients are location options and wardrobe assistance. Just ask us to break down our package options.

About Long Island Portrait Photography Co
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About Long Island Portrait Photography Co
About Long Island Portrait Photography Co
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Long Island Portrait Photography Co
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